1. To satisfactorily relay City Council policy decisions to the organization and administer the decisions in day-to-day operations.
  2. To maintain administrative control of all departments by reports, verbal and written communications and all matters involving daily operations of the City.
  3. To conduct any special studies, information and reports as may be necessary and/or requested by the City Council.
  4. To attend and participate in intergovernmental activities by via attending meetings and facilitating the exchange of information within different jurisdictions.
  5. To prepare and submit a City budget each year.
  6. To revitalize productivity programs to reduce costs through improved methods and procedures.
  7. To support and promote State legislation in the City’s interest while actively opposing legislation that is detrimental to the City.
  8. To coordinate, plan, control, and monitor the activities of agencies reporting to the City Manager to insure all policies and actions of Council and administration be carried out, (a) including the attainment of budget objective and (b) adherence to assigned deadlines for completion of projects and studies.
  9. To communicate all requests for service, referral and information to appropriate City departments and to provide necessary follow-up to ensure that a response or resolution to the requests is provided.
  10. Maintain a cooperative working relationship with state agencies and other local governments to resolve problems of mutual concern.
  11. To emphasize and encourage organization and departmental efforts at identifying and implementing changes to improve efficiency and reduce cost.