Local Business Tax Receipt

Local Business Tax Receipt

Local Businesses


For questions, please call (904) 270-2400.


Anyone that engages in any type of business within the city limits is required to have a Neptune Beach Local Business Tax Receipt. You may pick up the appropriate forms at City Hall at 116 First Street or download here:

Additional paperwork may be required such as proof of insurance, state certification, documents of incorporation, fictitious name registrations, health department inspections, liquor licenses, tax ID numbers, etc.


Home Based Daycare$50.00

Home Local Business Tax Receipt

0-1,500 Square Footage$75.00
1,501-3,000 Square Footage$115.00
3,001-6,000 Square Footage$150.00
6,000-12,000 Square Footage$225.00
Above 12,001 Square Footage$375.00
Insurance Company Outside of City Limit$140.00

Vending Machines

$5.00 per Machine


All businesses are subject to inspection by the building official and/or the fire marshal.

Duval County Receipt

Once you have obtained your city Local Business Tax Receipt, you must take the receipt to the following address to obtain your Duval County Business Tax Receipt:

City of Jacksonville
Yates Building
231 E Forsyth Street
Room 130
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630-2080

Signs/Alterations to Premises

All alterations and signs require a building permit and inspection by the building official. The contractor pulling the permit is responsible for calling in the inspections. All inspections must be finalized and completed, and any impact fees paid before a license will be issued.


Certain disabled, widowed and persons over age 65 as described by Section 205.171 of the Florida State Statutes, maybe exempt from paying local business tax receipt. Applicants should complete the Local Business Tax Receipt Exempt Form to assist in determining the proper exemption.

Download the Physician's Certificate Form here.

Home Businesses

Only certain business types are permitted to operate out of the home. Applicants must sign a Home Local Business Tax Receipt Form acknowledging that they have read and understood the provisions therein.

If applying for a Home Local Business Tax Receipt using your rental address and you do not own the property, the Owner/Landlord Local Business Tax Receipt Form is required.


Handymen are limited as to the type of work permissible without a contractor's license. Applicants must sign a Handyman Local Business Tax Receipt Form acknowledging they have read and understand the limitations of a handyman license.

Food Service/Restaurants

Submit a copy of the following:

  1. Health Inspection Report
  2. State license from Division of Hotel and Restaurants
  3. State Alcohol and Beverage License (if alcohol beverages will be sold)

Food Outlets

Food outlets include: supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, meat markets, fruit and vegetable markets, retail bakeries, food processors and similar food operations.

Submit a copy of the following:

  1. Health Inspection Report
  2. State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services License
  3. State Alcohol and Beverage License (if alcohol beverages will be sold)

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership: Submit proof of bonafide sale of the business along with a 10% transfer fee, the original license and an application. If you fail to provide proof of sale of the business, a new license fee must be paid in full.

State Regulatory Requirements

Business categories for which the issuance of a local business tax receipt is prohibited until other state license or regulatory requirements are verified. Download the State License & Regulatory Requirements for Business Entities here.

Alcohol Beverage Division(904) 727-5550
City Hall(904) 270-2400
Department of Agriculture Consumer Services(800) 435-7352
Fictitious Name Registration(904) 487-6058
Health Department(904) 630-3260
Hotel and Restaurant Commission(904) 727-5540
State Revenue Sales Tax Number(904) 359-6070