The City Manager is the chief executive officer and administrative head of the City, with the responsibility for planning, organizing, directing, staffing, coordinating and budgeting of a wide variety of services to the citizens of the City. The City Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council and is directly responsible for executing City laws and ordinances and all Council policies. The City Manager appoints the directors of all departments.

As chief executive officer of the city government, the City Manager is responsible for providing and exercising overall supervision and disciplinary control over the necessary administrative and operating staff to carry out policies established by the City Council. The City Manager is also responsible for the development of City operations by introducing for Council consideration the annual operating budget and capital improvements programs. The City Manager develops and recommends alternative solutions to community problems for Council consideration, and plans and develops programs to meet the future physical, social and cultural needs of the City. In addition, the City Manager represents the City in collective bargaining. The City Manager is responsible for execution of contracts, deeds and other documents on behalf of the City to the extent provided by Council.

The Office of the City Manager oversees all improvement projects throughout the City.